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Maintenance & Repair Diagnostic Services:

General Fleet
  • Fleet Maintenance including preventative maintenance programs, customize programs tailored to customers, parts ordering, fleet management with software and warranty claims, and management of vehicles such as trucks, small to heavy-duty equipment and airport Ground Support Equipment

Diesel/Gas Engine
  • Diagnostic and Repair of Diesel/Gas Engines including engine performance, no starts, general repair, emission control systems, oil leaks, replacement of water pumps, gaskets, oil leaks, fuel injectors, pumps, alternators, starters and more.

  • Diagnostic and Repair of Hydraulics including replacement of directional hydraulic valves, motors, cylinders and pumps; In-house fabrication of hydraulic hoses and lines.


  • Diagnostic and Repair of Pneumatic Systems including replacement of air valves, air compressors, air drier, lines, hoses, brake chambers, rebuilt of air valves, etc.

Pneumatic Systems
Electrical Systems
  • Diagnostic and Repair of Electrical Systems 12 and 24-volt DC systems, AC systems, electrical motors, lithium and alkaline batteries, relays, program logistic controls, time delay, sensors, switches.

Mechanic Systems
  • Repair & Replacement of Mechanical Systems including bearings, conveyors chains, pins, suspension, steering, brakes, driveshafts, slack adjusters, linkages, cables, etc.

Paint and Body
  • Paint and Body Repair including partial or complete refurbishment of equipment: sand blasting, undercoating, welding, and fabrication

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